As a consultant or coach, you’re committed to improving people’s lives and performance. Our LifeData system harnesses mobile technology to offer an engaging, real-time tool to help clients, organizations and teams succeed. We can help you get a sense of your clients’ daily lives.

The LifeData system allows you to provide a tailored mobile app-based experience that meets particular people or groups in the moments of daily life. This can be used to increase understanding, awareness, synchronization and the potential for continuous growth in various areas of life. Our system will enable you to offer an experience for your audience that progresses as they improve. Best of all, our RealLife Exp mobile app is free for all users.

You can use our system to create and provide a specialized mobile app experience, called a LifePak, to:

  • Better understand how clients, employees & team members spend their time

  • Gauge & track employee satisfaction throughout the day or week

  • Monitor the health & well-being of athletes

  • Improve communication among leaders, employees & players

  • Remind members of helpful principles, priorities & strategies

  • Send random notes & images of encouragement

  • Train clients, employees or team members in stress management, optimism & resilience

  • Help people practice certain beneficial practices, such as helpful thought practices.

Consultants can use the LifeData system to study employees in order to learn how employees are experiencing work throughout the day or week. The data provided by employees can be easily graphed and visualized using our LifeData Dashboard as it streams in from their smartphones. This kind of real-time data can inform leadership decisions and practices, and foster a more healthy and productive work environment. Alternatively, coaches can build LifePaks that encourage awareness or mindfulness, and engagement in practices that foster personal growth or team unity. LifePaks can be used to connect, motivate and inspire team members.


A consultant might use the LifeData system to examine work satisfaction among nurses at a rehabilitation facility, helping supervisors understand the daily experiences of nurses. As a result, organizational changes can be made that improve the well-being of nurses and the care they are able to provide. In this way, the LifeData system can help promote leadership development among supervisors and give employees a sense of being understood.


A competitive athletics coach might build a LifePak to monitor, encourage and remind their team members throughout the week, providing both regular and random notifications. The coach might monitor health, workout habits, motivation and team unity. The coach might also send players images and reminders throughout the day to further instruct and inspire.


A life coach might build a LifePak to better understand clients’ daily life and routine. They may, for example, monitor a client’s time-management over a two week period and discuss the results with their client. On the basis of this discussion, they might build another LifePak to offer helpful reminders and encouragers throughout the day that meet their client’s needs.

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