Remote Patient Monitoring To Improve Outcomes

Choose Patient Care Metrics.
Get Real Time Responses To Monitor Outcomes.
Use CPT Code 99091.

Choose Patient Care Metrics

Set up metrics for evidence-based assessments of your patients; create question sets for disease symptoms or care scenarios.

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Schedule Real Time Responses

Select when and how often your patients receive their assessments/reminders.

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Monitor Outcomes

Use clinical dashboards to monitor patient progress or health status. Make decisions based on specific patient reported outcomes.

A highly flexible platform perfect for

Chronic Care Management​

Remotely monitor patients for chronic illnesses or conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurologic injury or high-risk pregnancy using questions specific to their symptoms to inform evidence-based care decisions.​

Transitional Care Management​

Schedule how often you want to remotely monitor your patient as they transition from acute care to outpatient care or a long-term facility.

Behavioral Modification Initiatives​

Monitor changes in patient behavior, mood, pain, compliance, or functional status over time, and the effect of medications, treatment or interventions using patient progress dashboards customized to their care needs.​

Built With Security In Mind

Data is HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield compliant.

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