The LifeData system allows educators/students, to pose questions and provide prompts to students, or trainees, in the course of daily life. Creation of smartphone app experiences (we call LifePaks), are delivered through our RealLife Exp app. Students can download and use this app for free. In this way, educators/trainers can provide an experience that helps students/trainees review and apply ideas, theories and practices periodically throughout the day or week. Our system also offers a way for educators/trainers to collect data at various points in time throughout the academic year.

Repeatedly collecting data within the context of daily life provides a more accurate and dynamic view of peoples’ experience. Our system allows you to do this and visualize the information through easy to make graphs in the LifeData Dashboard. So our system provides a good way to keep a finger on the “pulse” of a class throughout a semester. It is also an easy way to track student progress and find trends between early semester experience and end of semester outcomes. Further, since self-monitoring has been shown to help promote positive change, posing questions and providing prompts to students provides a way to promote more self-awareness (see Runyan et al. 2013), and healthy habits.


A teacher might use our LifeData system to prompt students/trainees to reflect on and apply course material throughout the moments of their day. For example, the teacher might build a LifePak that, at random times throughout the week, sends students notifications (what we call a “Notification-initiated session”) prompting them to apply a course concept or theory to their experience over the past hour. The student can even be asked to write a text response. Further, the LifePak might include another kind of session to encourage students to report events that illustrate some topic, view or concept discussed in class. Teachers can do this by building what we call a “User-initiated session”.


Our RealLife app can be used to help universities understand how first-year students are spending their time and experiencing campus life. This kind of real-time data can help identify students who are struggling and may need additional assistance to ensure their success.


The LifeData system can be used to collect information about students’ or trainees’ experience in order to detect developing problems early. Traditional survey approaches are unable to capture the kind of dynamic “in the moment” data necessary to understand developing patterns, and detect relationships, over relatively short periods of time.


Teachers can generate a series of anonymous questions to see how satisfied students are with their progress for a particular class unit, week or month. Students might also be asked about how difficult they are finding course material, how confident they are that they will succeed and about any course frustrations.


Trainers in the business world can build their own tailored LifePaks to prompt employees to reflect and apply important values, practices, policies and/or principles. These LifePaks can also be used to collect data about employees’ experience, ideas and/or progress.


With a Personal Plan Subscription, students can be instructed to build their own LifePak for personal use–to gain personal insight–and/or data collection (N = 1) as part of a research assignment.

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