The LifeData system provides a way of using mobile app technology to help people become more intentional about their daily engagement with God and others. Community leaders can create app experiences, called LifePaks, that members can download and interact with throughout the week using our free RealLife Exp mobile app.

The LifeData system can be used to send community members scripture, reflective questions, and encouraging content or images to help them incorporate new perspectives and spiritual disciplines into their daily lives. For example, a faith community leader might design a LifePak to accompany a sermon series to encourage people to reflect on key points throughout their daily routines, inviting them to live differently in response.

The LifeData system can also be used to ask questions throughout the week, helping leaders get a read on the “pulse” of their communities. LifePaks can easily be designed to ask questions that provide insight into the needs, concerns and growth of a community.


The LifeData system allows leaders of faith communities to easily relay words of encouragement and scripture throughout the week to support the spiritual well-being of their community members. LifePaks can be designed to ask members to respond to prompts, messages, images, and exercises that relate to God’s grace and their spiritual growth. These experiences can be automated for delivery at different points throughout the day, providing community members with inspiration, insights and practices to assist them with daily growth.


The LifeData system provides leaders of faith communities the opportunity to understand the daily experiences and struggles of their members. These insights can inform leadership decisions, pastoral care efforts and programming. Creating LifePaks for our RealLife Exp app gives pastors another opportunity to listen to and communicate with their community members in a consistent and meaningful way.


A pastor might use the RealLife Exp™ app to supplement a sermon series on forgiveness and track growth within their community. For example, the pastor might build a LifePak that, at various times, throughout several weeks:


Sends community members reminders of key points or illustrations from the sermon series (These might include key scriptural verses or an image of the prodigal son being embraced by his father.)


At the end of the week, asks members to identify someone they need to forgive.


Asks members to rate their awareness of God’s forgiveness at various points throughout the week.


Challenges members to creatively incorporate one principle from the message into their weekly routine.


A youth might leader build a LifePak to connect with their students and stay updated on weekly challenges, concerns, and successes. The youth leader might design a LifePak that occasionally sends students questions throughout the week. Several times each week, students might also receive a Bible verse, a word of encouragement from their youth leaders, a group picture or a funny comment from the last youth gathering.


Church staff and/or lay leaders might develop several LifePaks to assist with their small groups or Celebrate Recovery ministries. For example, throughout several weeks, Celebrate Recovery members might be asked to rate their cravings/struggles as well as their confidence in successful recovery through God’s grace and community support. Members might also be reminded of practical coping strategies, scripture and group encouragement.

Begin using the LifeData system to better understand, connect and grow your faith community today.

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