Collect real-time, longitudinal

insights using mobile phones.


Write and schedule your questions.


Send to mobile users in daily life.


Monitor incoming data in real time.

Gather in the moment insights you can’t with traditional surveys.

Choose from a variety of

question types.

Deliver at the perfect time using flexible scheduling options.

Deliver questions

in real life.

Monitor responses in real time.

The LifeData System in Action

How real researchers are using the LifeData system.

How do pediatric concussion symptoms change over time?

Dr. Doug Weibe (Penn State University) observes change in pediatric concussion symptoms over time, and how they relate to cognitive and physical exertion.

Are workplace interventions effective?

Dr. Lisa Engelen AND evaluate the impact of workplace interventions on mental wellbeing, productivity and physical health of office workers.

How is the mental health of college women in daily life?

Dr. Kristin Heron examines physical and mental health, mood, thoughts, and behaviors in college women’s everyday lives.

Which daily habits influence hypertension risk?

Dr. Matthew Burg investigates factors – like posture, exertion, and mood – in a routine day that contribute to risk for developing hypertension.

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HIPAA Compliant

 HIPAA Compliant

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Learn about the LifeData System

The LifeData System


Write questions that will be delivered to mobile users on their smartphones. Choose from a variety different question types, including multiple choice, free text response, rating scale, and slider scale.


Select the number of questions to be sent to your participants per day, the days they will receive questions, and whether they will receive them at fixed or random times during the day.


Deliver your questions to mobile users who have downloaded the RealLife Exp Mobile app.


Keep track of mobile users’ engagement and responses in real time.


Keep track of mobile users’ engagement and responses in real time.

Used by leading researchers and healthcare institutions.


Capture real-life experience
anytime, anywhere

Use smartphones to gather in-the-moment
insights for experience sampling research.

Go Beyond Surveys

Ask questions in real time to gain insights traditional surveys can’t provide.

How does something like mood change over time?

What’s really happening with your patients in real time?

What factors in daily life influence certain behaviors?


Use our flexible system to create your study any way you want it.

  • Write
    Compose the questions you want to ask your participants.
  • Choose
    Select question types, such as multiple choice, rater scale, or free text for your participants to interact with.
  • Schedule
    Make different schedules: Random, set times, certain days. The possibilities are endless.


Deliver your questions to participants throughout the day, at the times you scheduled.

  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Free RealLife Exp mobile app


Monitor your variables of interest in real time on the Data Dashboard.

Download data to .CSV file for analysis in your preferred statistical program.


We designed our system to meet HIPAA regulations, including all Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards. Backend and client-side databases are expertly encrypted, and all network communication is carried out using advanced encryption algorithms. We are committed to providing our customers with maximum data security.

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