People often benefit from greater self-awareness, guidance, practice, and positive reinforcement (see: The Science). The LifeData™ system provides a simple and effective way of providing each in the moments of daily life. Our system can be used to help people make positive changes in thought and behavior within their daily routines; a technique often referred to as ecological momentary intervention (EMI). Use our suite of web applications to build and deliver EMI experiences to individuals using our RealLife Exp™ mobile app.

Experts and non-experts can use the LifePak Builder to easily craft LifePaks. LifePaks are specialized tools for motivating and promoting change; and typically consist of some combination of questions, messages, images, and/or activities. Our LifeData system can be used to benefit individuals, groups and organizations, in different walks of life, in multiple ways. It can be used to gain new insights, develop positive habits, stay motivated, be more productive, improve fitness, and more. Our system can also be used to connect people, promote understanding, and improve users’ quality of life.

LifePak Builder & Manager

The LifePak Builder provides a user-friendly, web-based means creating experiences that prompt mobile users to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings with questions and cues throughout the day or week. Help mobile users engage in daily practices and stay motivated. Then, use the dashboard to watch their progress.

Flexible Platform

LifeData is a flexible platform for building experiences that prompt mobile users with questions and cues throughout various periods of the day, rather than just asking people multiple questions at one time like a survey.

Progressive & Outcome Dependent Experiences

The LifeData system provides the ability to create progressive experiences, which evolve over time, promoting growth and change in the lives of individuals.

RealLife Exp

Our RealLife Exp mobile app is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

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