Ricci, Giulia, Sigrid Baldanzi, Fabrizio Seidita, Chiara Proietti, Francesca Carlini, Silvia Peviani, Giovanni Antonini, Andrea Vianello, Gabriele Siciliano
Volume 28, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 471-475
The viability of introducing adaptive technology in neuromuscular disorders should be addressed as part of the management of these diseases. Such comprehensive management usually requires the efforts of a multidisciplinary team and the active engagement of patients associations. Data collection through web platforms ensures data safety and offers an innovative way to make health services more effective and efficient, even though, to date, the real e-Health readiness has still to be assessed [6], [7]. Therefore, although e-Health interventions may be the future of healthcare, a concerted effort is needed about their benefits and utilization. The establishment of European Reference Networks (ERN) (Directive 2011/24/EU) for neuromuscular diseases provides a frame in which those challenges could be achieved.