Kubo, Ai, Andrea Altschuler, Elaine Kurtovich, Sarah Hendlish, Cecile A. Laurent, Tatjana Kolevska, Yan Li, Andrew Avins
First Online: 24 March 2018

This study evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of delivering a self-paced app-/online-based mindfulness intervention to cancer patients actively undergoing chemotherapy and their informal caregivers. We found that patients and caregivers appreciated the intervention and that many participants learned mindfulness skills using this technology. Our methods provide a practical strategy for conducting a larger, fully powered clinical trial and our learnings in this pilot have provided important insights that will increase the likelihood of a successful intervention study in this and similar trials in the future. The feasibility results offer some insights regarding strategies to improve recruitment and adherence for future studies. Although not designed as an efficacy trial, the preliminary results suggested improvement in anxiety, depression, QoL, sleep, and fatigue.