Brinker TJ, Faria BL, Gatzka M, de Faria OM, Heppt MV, Kirchberger MC, Schadendorf D, Nakamura Y, Buslaff F, Lisboa OC, Oliveira ACC, Lino HA, Bernardes-Souza B
BMJ Open.;8(3):e018299. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-018299.
The incidence of melanoma is increasing faster than any other major cancer both in Brazil and worldwide. The Southeast of Brazil has especially high incidences of melanoma, and early detection is low. Exposure to UV radiation represents a primary risk factor for developing melanoma. Increasing attractiveness is a major motivation for adolescents for tanning. A medical student-delivered intervention that harnesses the broad availability of mobile phones as well as adolescents’ interest in their appearance may represent a novel method to improve skin cancer prevention.