Hyo Hyun Yoo, Soo-Koung Jun, Seong Yong Kim, Kwi Hwa Park
International JOURNAL OF CONTENTS Vol.13 No.4, 2017.12, 16-22 (7 pages)
“The purpose of this study was to investigate the daily life experiences of medical students and to explore gender differences in these experiences using the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) as the method….Males spent more time in learning places such as schools, libraries, etc., whereas females spent their time in personal places, including their homes, dormitories, etc. Males undertook more learning activities than did females, and females undertook more social/leisure activities and basic life activities than did male students (χ²=18.753, p=.001). They were in a learning place and performing learning activities. There were significant perceptual differences between males and females about their flow levels, competency levels, and difficulty levels, based on the activity type.”