Pâquet, M.; N. Rosen, M. Steben, S. Bergeron.
The Journal of Pain , Volume 19 , Issue 3 , S106
Vulvodynia is a prevalent idiopathic vulvovaginal pain condition that interferes with the sexual and mental health of affected couples. Research has underscored that psychological factors, such as anxiety and depression, contribute to its development and maintenance and associated sexual impairment. However, the daily role of anxiety and depressive symptoms in the pain and sexuality outcomes of couples coping with vulvodynia is not well understood. Using a dyadic daily experience method, 127 women (Mage = 26.21, SD = 6.24) diagnosed with vulvodynia and their male partners (Mage = 27.44, SD = 7.29) reported on anxiety and depressive symptoms, pain, sexual function and sexual distress over a period of eight weeks.