Akhil,R., M. S. Gokul, Sarang Sanal, V. K. Sruthi MenonEmail Lekshmi S. Nair
Ambient Communications and Computer Systems pp 103-115
Vision is an important aspect of brain functionality as it allows us to view our surroundings, and maintain the incisiveness of our mind. For a blind person, to walk without resistance, is the most difficult task. Visually impaired are compelled to depend on others for conducting daily activities, especially walk outdoor. As a humanitarian service, our paper aims to help the blind people to walk independently and enjoy the freedom of walking. The model we present here act as a virtual eye to the visually disabled persons, which helps them to navigate to their destinations without the help of others. This model uses a mobile app, concurrent with the lately developed system using the fundamental principles of Arduino Uno board is based on ATmega328 microcontroller. This module is appended to a walking stick so that it is manageable by a blind person. The sensor in the apparatus returns the span warns with a sound alert if any target can be deleterious to the blind person. The system brings a new domain, Internet of Things (IoT), to the fore of the blind people, to make their existence uncomplicated.