Bouman, Yvonne, Hanneke Kip, Frank van den Boogert, Pascalle Spaan
Psychology, Health & Technology
In a subproject of FoReTech, a monitoring and coaching technology for reactive intimate partner violence (IPV) is being developed. The development process starts by studying the biopsychosocial precursors of reactive IPV via mental models of experts combined with scientific literature. After the behaviour and its precursors have been analysed, an interdisciplinary team will determine how to monitor the most important precursors via technology. In close cooperation with patients, their partners and therapists, a technology that uses the monitoring data to coach patients and their partners in reducing IPV will be created. This development process will be guided by principles and methods from different approaches, such as participatory development, behaviour change theories and persuasive technology. This presentation will discuss the development process and provide insight into the possibilities and challenges of monitoring & coaching technologies in forensic mental health.