Cao, Kai, Qunying Huang
Pages 125-138 | Received 06 Aug 2017, Accepted 31 Jan 2018, Published online: 26 Mar 2018
A proof-of-concept prototype is developed and implemented to collect, visualize and mine crowdsourcing data to detect a potential earthquake. In the future, we would like to continue to the development of this framework and prototype further to help predict earthquakes, which is still ongoing and different from the emphasis of this research. For example, more advanced and user-friendly functions will be developed for our developed hybrid spatial web and mobile portal. We will also promote our portal to different user communities for data collection, and develop more sophisticated algorithms for integrating data for multiple sources for earthquake location prediction instead of simply using density-based approach (Section 3.4.2). We also believe that successful and dependable earthquakes prediction, as what was done in Haichen, China, will come to us soon, but in an easier, more efficient and effective way.