Send questions in real time

Use the free RealLife Exp smartphone app to deliver questions within the context of real life. Available for iOS and Android.

Two Ways to Respond

Program your questions so users can answer them the way you want.


Users receive questions via notification.


Users answer questions on their own time.

Multiple Prompt Types

Slider Scale
Free Response
Multiple Choice
Rating Scale
Numeric Entry

Number Wheel
Date and Time
Amount of Time
Text Only
Web Page

View response rates

Allow mobile users to see where they’re at.

Additional Features


Write follow-up questions based on certain responses.


Allow one user’s responses to trigger a “partner’s.”


Answers to certain questions can “trigger” other notification-based questions over time.

Rich Text

Use bold, italic, underline, and color in your questions.

GPS Coordinates

Gather GPS coordinates with every sampling session.

Webpage Prompt

Use a webpage or allow users to access a portal as a prompt.


Include hyperlinks in your questions that lead to an in-app browser.

Multiple Languages

The LifeData system supports over 950 languages.

Download for iOS

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Download for Android

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