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  • Free RealLife Exp iOS/Android app
    Deliver your experience sampling studies to users on their Apple iOS or Android device.
  • Notification-based sessions
    Mobile users receive prompts via notification on their phone.
  • User-initiated sessions
    Mobile users can report on their own time.
  • 11 Prompt Types
    Choose from question types such as multiple choice, multi-select, slider scale, free response, or picture.
  • Flexible prompt delivery
    Random, fixed, and progressive schedules give you flexibility in delivering your study.
  • Question Branching
    Deliver questions based on responses to previous multiple-choice or Likert scale prompts.
  • Languages
    Prompts and responses in your language of choice.
  • Time and date stamping for each response
    Time and date are recorded with each prompt and session instance.
  • Geolocation
    Sample GPS coordinates with each prompt.
  • View response rates
    Mobile users and researchers can monitor participant response rates.
  • Customizable data dashboards
    Monitor your variables of interest in real time.
  • Multiple data download formats to .CSV
    Download your real-time data to .CSV at any point in your study.
  • Public, private, and semi-private LifePak settings
    Control which mobile users can access your LifePaks.

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