Whether someone wants to kick a habit or create a new one, the LifeData system can help. Our flexible, user-friendly system can be used to create mobile app experiences, called LifePaks, that are delivered through the RealLife Exp mobile app. LifePaks can help people make lifestyle changes by offering encouragement, motivation and reminders within the moments of everyday life. By interacting with people in thier daily routines, our system helps people transform their behavioral patterns in positive ways.

The system can also be used to collect real-time data and track changes. As information about how and what people are doing streams in, the LifeData dashboard can help visualize progress, further motivating change. It can also help isolate certain settings and times where making a change might be hard.

LifePaks can be created using a variety of scheduling methods which allow for building progressive, varied and outcome-dependent experiences for smartphone users. Those wishing to help others make lifestyle changes can also use the Data Download feature to access information provided by RealLife Exp app users about their daily experience, as another means of informed support and accountability.


A LifePak could be created to help people stay motivated to get fit. The LifePak might ask users how confident they are that they can get in shape, invite them to list the benefits of getting in shape and encourage them to seek out peer support. Further, this LifePak could give users inspirational statements, images or motivational “challenges” throughout the day to help them tackle their wellness goals.


A LifePak could be created by an AA group as a way to encourage and interact with its members throughout the day. This LifePak might include recovery checks, encouraging words from group members, reflections offered at recent meetings, reminders about the 12-steps and daily meditations on past teachings. Different LifePaks could even be created to help members at each of the 12-steps reach their recovery goals.


Someone might create a LifePak simply for their own use. For example, an individual could create a LifePak to help them address anger problems. This LifePak might include notifications throughout the day that ask about current anger levels and provide practices or strategies to reduce anger. Additionally, this LifePak might also give encouraging or insightful images and statements throughout the day, and provide access to helpful assignments and exercises.


Our flexible LifePak Builder & Manager system provides a new way for self-trackers to apply their creativity and explore different aspects of their lives. This system along with the RealLife Exp mobile app provides a platform to track a wide range of “in the moment” aspects of life, and set up progressive experiences to understand and encourage change. Unleash your creativity.

Begin exploring and using the LifeData system today.

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