Remote patient monitoring for efficient, effective outpatient care.

Greater Efficiency

Gather PRO responses such as symptoms outside the office visit, so you can focus clinic time on patient care plans and choices.

Better Outcomes

Personalize and improve care for each patient by setting milestones and observing trends together.

Cost Effective

Review meaningful data to minimize guesswork. Track treatment efficacy. Remotely monitor patient care [CPT code 99091].

Gather Remote Patient Monitoring Data

Patient Reported Outcomes Templates

Choose and monitor patient reported outcomes, such as functional status, diet, pain relief or other symptoms over time, in real time.

Edit or Create Custom Measures

Use validated patient reported outcome measures or create your own questions.

Improve outcomes

Improve patient care experience

Improve Efficiency

Review data with your patient to better understand what happened between visits and how to adjust their care plan.

Promote Patient-Driven Decisions

Use patient reported outcomes to drive better care decisions.

Intervene Between Visits

Observe data between visits to check in on patients.

Let's Do This Together

On-site Training

Site specific provider and patient information. Easy virtual or onsite clinical staff training.

Technical Support Services

Rapid technical support by phone or email.

Rigorous Security Comes Standard

Data is HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield compliant.

How can remote patient monitoring help your practice?

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