Smartphones are changing the way we live

Smartphones are changing the way we live and, increasingly, they will change the way we understand ourselves. As a result of recent advances in technology, it is now possible for surveys to be replaced by smartphone apps that can capture our daily experiences, offering new insights and greater understanding (See: The Science). Whereas surveys provide a “snapshot” into a person’s life, smartphones present the possibility of getting multiple glimpses of a person’s daily experience as they experience it. LifeData™ makes that possibility a reality. Our RealLife™ Exp mobile app is designed to gather information on psychological, physical, and environmental variables during the course of everyday life—a form of assessment often referred to as ecological momentary assessment (EMA), or experience sampling. Goodbye surveys. Hello EMA.

LifeData Applications

The LifeData suite of applications provides unprecedented flexibility and effectiveness for those wanting to collect & visualize real-time information about people. It is also amazingly easy to use. Use the dashboard to create graphs to visualize data as it streams in, track response rate or simply download your data.  No other system exists to delve into the human experience to this level.

LifePak Builder

The LifeData LifePak Builder allows the creation of smartphone app experiences. It is used by researchers, clinicians, teachers, consultants, coaches, faith communities, group leaders, and other creative individuals.

Capture the Moment

Schedule prompts & ask questions that allow you to see the dynamic rhythm & patterns in your life or in the lives of others. Understand what’s happening in the moment.  Surveys are static snapshots. Our LifeData system allows assessments that are more movie-like, showing chnage over time.

RealLife Exp

The RealLife Exp mobile app provides an easy way to interact with people to better understand the complexities of life, or to help people make positive lifestyle changes. This mobile app is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

Flexibility & Creativity

Easily create your own customized mobile app experience tailored to your needs.  Track, explore & understand a specific area of life or group of people.  Help people make a lifestyle change. Or just stimulate thoughts & conversation.

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