User-Initiated Sessions (UIS)

UISs are always available to users and can be accessed by users whenever they want to interact with a certain set of prompts. Creators can build up to five UISs and name them. In some cases, UISs are useful for gathering information about specific events/experiences. For example, if you wanted to study smokers who were trying to quit, you might have a UIS called “Craving” that would have questions about the intensity of the craving, what triggered the craving, and how the person handled it. You might create another UIS called “Slip” that users might initiate if they slip up and begin smoking again. It might include prompts that ask what triggered the user to smoke, how much they smoked, etc. It might also include a few prompts, at the end of the session, which encourage the user to discontinue smoking. In addition to gathering information, UIS can be used to shape or influence users. For example, you might create a “Gratitude” UIS that includes a different prompt each time, asking users to identify things for which they are thankful, text someone you appreciate, or express thanks to someone you regularly interact with.

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