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The LifeData System in Action

How researchers are using the LifeData system.

How do pediatric concussion symptoms change over time?

Dr. Doug Weibe | University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine

Kids use mobile devices to report their symptoms so Weibe can observe changes in their concussion symptoms, and how they relate to cognitive and physical exertion, over time.

How is the mental health of college women in daily life?

Dr. Kristin Heron | Old Dominion University
Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Heron uses ecological momentary assessment to examine physical and mental health, mood, thoughts, and behaviors in college women’s everyday lives.

Are workplace interventions effective?

Dr. Lina Engelen & Dr. Josephine Chau
University of Sydney &
Chaenge Workplace Health Consultancy

Dr. Lisa Engelen Dr. Josephine Chau use experience sampling to evaluate the impact of workplace interventions on mental wellbeing, productivity and physical health of office workers.

Which daily habits influence hypertension risk?

Dr. Matthew Burg | Yale University School of Medicine

The LifeData system is used to investigate factors – like posture, exertion, and mood – in a routine day that contribute to risk for developing hypertension.

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