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Experience Sampling Methodology

Design ESM protocols to capture patient/participant experience on a real-time basis.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Use smartphone app interface to remotely monitor patients in real-time and enhance transitional and chronic outpatient care management.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Gather patient generated health data, including symptoms, preferences, health behaviors, compliance, etc., to inform better care decisions.

Customize patient/participant outcome measures and sampling schedules

Create your own ESM protocols or use patient reported outcome templates. Schedule delivery at the frequency needed for assessment.

Monitor patient reported outcomes over time with your clinical dashboards

Track outpatient progress or participant responses in real time. Create dashboards that help you better evaluate patient outcomes.

Connect reported symptoms and patient preferences to clinical assessment and interventions

Gathering real-time data provides unique insights into outpatient care. Use patient responses to assess efficacy of treatment and make needed changes to care plans. Deliver educational content or care reminders to patients.

A Highly Flexible Measurement Platform

Symptom Level Reporting

Measure patient reported symptoms with response scales

Medication Compliance

Track patient compliance with prescribed dosing and medication schedules

Mood or Status Changes

Assess patient satisfaction or mental status relative to symptoms


Track diet and GI-related symptoms

Patient Preferences

Capture patient care preferences in relation to symptoms.

Caregiver Responses

Gather caregiver responses for insight into better patient care

Patient Reminders

Deliver outpatient care plan reminders and update patients as well as caregivers.

Assess Treatment Change Impacts

Use more frequent data to assess adjustments to treatment plans

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