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Cutting-edge discoveries from the moments of daily life.
Better Engagement

Easily integrate your study into the lives of your participants and keep them engaged through their smartphones.

Real-time Data

Gather and visualize more accurate data from the moments of participants’ daily lives.

Deeper Insights

Harness the power of repeated in-the-moment assessments to gain insights not possible with retrospective survey methods.

How it works

Design Your Study

Create your study, including your questions and how they will be scheduled and delivered. Questions and schedules are packaged together in a "LifePak."

​Onboard Participants

Quickly and easily onboard participants into your study. They will download our mobile app and your study in one simple process via email link or QR Code.

Access Your Data​

Download participant data as a .csv file at any point in the study. Or, check out data visualizations in real time via the data dashboard.

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Feature highlights

Experience Sampling
Deliver in the moment questions via notification. Participants tap the notification allowing them to answer questions right away. Flexible scheduling options and the ability to create multiple question/schedule combinations accommodate even the most complex study designs.


Participants can respond to questions in the mobile app on their own time. This feature is useful for event-based reporting, daily diary studies, or providing always available intervention materials.

Flexible notification scheduling options allow you to tailor data gathering to fit your study design. Questions can be scheduled for delivery at specific (fixed) times or at random times within specified time windows.

Fixed Example
: Send questions at 8 am, 12pm, and 5pm to study mealtimes.

Random Example
: Send questions at three random times between 8am and 5pm, at least 90 minutes apart, to assess mood fluctuation throughout the workday.

Immediate Follow-Up: “Branching”
Use branching to ask immediate follow-up questions based off how your participants respond.

Delayed Follow-Up: “Triggering”
Use participants’ responses to trigger a later notification and follow-up questions. There are two types of triggers. One type sends questions at a later point in time (e.g., 90 minutes later), and the other type of trigger activates a whole new schedule of questions (e.g., once per day for a week).

Once participants load the RealLife Exp app and study protocol onto their phones, all data collection can be handled offline. This allows data gathering to go on reliably, regardless of whether participants have connectivity problems. When participants connect to WiFi or have a cellular signal, their responses are automatically uploaded to the server.
Offline Data Collection

Participant data can be gathered using an anonymous mode which allows them to engage with the mobile app without providing personally identifiable information.

Anonymous Data Collection

Participants can easily download our RealLife Exp mobile app to their phone using rapid onboarding via an email link or QR code, or by App Store Search. Want to see how rapid onboarding works? Tap this link from your mobile phone, or scan the QR Code below to load the app and a demo study protocol.
Remote Onboarding QR Code

Work with team members on projects and assign roles with varying levels of system and data access.

Research Teams

Easy HIPAA/GDPR compliance

  • Gather data without Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Comply with IRB/HIPAA requirements
  • Comply with Privacy Shield for European union

Hundreds of institutions in over 30 countries trust LifeData

Used in studies published in top journals

Here To Help​

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