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Get More Accurate and Detailed Data from Daily Life with a Mobile App that Makes Data Collection Easy.

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Study Builder

Quickly build, test, and implement your study protocol with the industry leading platform designed specifically for researchers.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Fixed and randomized delivery, triggered schedules, and event contingent reporting, LifeData has what you need to build an effective experience sampling protocol.

Various Question Types

Utilize different question types to get the data in the required format.


Comply with IRB, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements with anonymized data collection and eConsent features.

Offline Data Collection

No internet? No problem! Participants still receive and respond to questions at the scheduled time. Collect data even in remote locations and from remote people groups.

GPS Data

Collect participants’ geolocation when they respond, if needed.

Response Rate Monitoring

Increase compliance with response rate visualization for participants and researchers.

Convenient Data Formats

Multiple data formats are available for various types of analysis, including multi-level modeling. Download large datasets ready for analysis.

Streamlined Onboarding

Rapidly and remotely onboard participants with custom QR codes and hyperlinks.

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Use Cases

University of Southern California researchers used the LifeData mobile app to conduct an EMA study of physiological and behavioral factors to better understand smoking-related weight control expectancies in female smokers. Read More.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong utilized LifeData to implement a daily diary study on the effects of screen time and mobile gaming on sleeping problems in youth. Read More.

This NIH-funded project by the University of Kentucky used experience sampling to gain insights into PTSD and coping in victims of sexual trauma. Read More

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