Better Understand Outcomes In The Context Of Patients’ Daily Lives.

Improve patient outcomes with data from everyday life.

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Patient Monitoring Dashboards

Track patient reported outcome data hourly or daily on dashboards. 

Data Security

Securely and anonymously collect and store data on a HIPAA compliant platform.

ePRO Data

Improve patient outcomes with better data to inform care plans.

Use LifeData to Improve Patient care and experience.

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Use Cases

Lifedata currently partners with over 43 hospitals in Italy to provide a remote patient monitoring platform that is being used by doctors and patients throughout the country to document experiences, monitor symptoms, and improve treatment outcomes for patients.

At a leading U.S. children’s hospital, LifeData helps clinicians understand and improve patient health outcomes with its reliable, easy-to-use mobile platform.

Researchers at the University of Utah and the VA Salt Lake City  Health Care system are using LifeData to collect intensive longitudinal data to better understand the experiences of veterans living with posttraumatic epilepsy and their caregivers. Read More. 

Learn how researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia used LifeData to track post-concussion electronic patient reported outcomes with smartphones. Read More. 

See more published research using LifeData

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