State of the science mobile data collection
  • Academic and commercial pricing
  • Half-year and annual subscriptions
  • All features included


Collaborative workspace for teams of all kinds
  • Lower cost per researcher
  • Teams and labs up to 9 users
  • Organize workflow and projects


Real-time data for your whole organization
  • 10+ Users
  • Institutional master subscriptions
  • Department sub-accounts


Higher quality data collection for clinical trials
  • Real-time eCOA
  • Multi-site support
  • Consulting services


Improve patient outcomes with data from daily life
  • Mobile ePRO Data
  • Clinician Dashboards
  • Site & Staff Training


At LifeData, unlocking the full potential of your research project is our foremost goal. With a wide range of additional paid services, we’re here to help with the challenges you face and elevate your research endeavors to new heights. Discover how our specialty services can make a difference for you today!

Translate method into protocol.  Craft effective and compliant protocols with protocol consulting. Seasoned experts provide virtual guidance, optimizing protocols, and strategy implementation to get your protocol ready to be implemented through the LifeData platform.

Stay at the forefront of research with protocol review service. Our experts analyze and enhance planned protocols, keeping you aligned with your research goals.

Get help building and deploying your study protocol through the LifeData platform from expert researchers in EMA, ESM, eCOA, and ePRO.

Get customized training and training materials prepared for your multi-site LifeData study.

Navigate complex research challenges with our methodological consulting services. Our experts guide you in selecting and refining methodologies to meet your aims in a way that aligns with ethical standards. Get on the path to rigorous research with enhanced insights.

Get your study protocol tested by LifeData associates to ensure proper configuration.

Benefit from regular reporting on participant engagement and other key metrics monitoring as well as assistance with project closeout in the LifeData platform. LifeData’s insightful reporting can play a key role in effective project administration.

Visualize data and participant engagement effortlessly with assisted dashboard development. View research and clinical data on dashboards to make informed decisions while studies are ongoing through flexible visualizations and enhanced data interpretation.

Maintain data integrity with LifeData audit trails. LifeData can develop customized reports to track the research team’s system interactions and document the integrity of your research data.

Master data analysis with data analysis consultation. Expert insights guide cleaning, transformation, and actionable model suggestions, to deliver your research outcomes.

Product FAQ

What comes with a LifeData Subscription?

  • Access to all web app study builder platform features
  • Native Android & iOS apps
  • Responsive technical support
  • Easy and unlimited data access
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Participant engagement dashboards
  • Participant study downloads (varies by subscription)

Is there student pricing?

Yes, LifeData offers a discount to qualifying graduate students that are interested in using the platform.

How Much Does a Subscription Cost?

At LifeData, subscription pricing is not feature or project-based. You and your team can enjoy full use of a reliable and intuitive platform without hidden or unexpected costs. Pilot future projects while running a current project or enjoy the benefits of running multiple projects at no extra cost.

Pricing is straightforward and involves the number of researchers, the duration of your subscription, and the number of participants over the duration of your subscription. Multiple factors go into how you might make these choices. Schedule a consultation with a LifeData representative today!

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