Basic Platform

iOS/Android App

The LifeData RealLife Exp mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Native controls and accessibility features ensure an optimal user experience.

Anonymous Data Collection

Participant data can be gathered using an anonymous mode that allows them to engage with the mobile app without registering with an email or providing other personally identifiable information.

Remote Onboarding

Participants can easily download the RealLIfe Exp mobile app to their phone using rapid onboarding via an email link, QR Code, or by app store search.

Research Teams

Work with team members on projects and assign roles with varying levels of system and data access, as desired.

Multiple Languages

The RealLife Exp mobile app is compatible with all languages that are read from left to right.


GPS data is automatically collected with each response. This feature can be disabled if preferred.

Study Design​

Notification-Initiated Sessions

Deliver your in-the-moment questions via notification. Participants tap the notification and the app opens, allowing them to answer questions right away.


Schedule and send reminder notifications if participants do not respond to initial notifications.

User-initiated Sessions

Participants can respond to questions in the mobile app on their own time. This feature is useful for event-based reporting, daily diary studies, or providing always available intervention materials.

Custom Consent Forms

Participants can electronically sign study consent forms and those with registered accounts can receive a PDF copy emailed to them.

Monitor Response Rates

Monitor participants’ response rates in real-time on the data dashboard. Allow participants to monitor their personal response rate within the app.

Upload Photos

Participants can take and upload photos in real-time. Alternatively, participants can upload photos from photo roll, such as screenshots.

Present Media

An in-app browser and web page question type allows you to present audio/video files to participants. Link participants to audio/video clips you create, or those on other sites (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo, etc).

Random & Fixed Schedules

Schedule questions to be delivered at fixed times or randomly within a specified window of time. For example, you might send questions at fixed times (8 am, 12pm, and 5pm) to study mealtimes, or you might send questions at three random times 8am-5pm to assess mood fluctuation throughout the workday.

Multiple Question Types

Multiple Choice

User answers by selecting one of up to 10 options you create and list vertically.


User answers by selecting one of up to 40 options you create and list vertically.

Range Slider

User answers by selecting a point on a sliding scale with anchors you create.

Rating Scale

User answers by selecting from a set of options listed horizontally, along a scale.

Free Text Entry

User answers by texting in words or using voice recognition.

Numeric Entry Only

User answers by entering a value from a numeric keypad.

Number Wheel

User answers by selecting a number from a range of options you specify on a spinning wheel.

Amount Of Time

User answers by selecting the number of hours and minutes.

Date & Time

User answers by selecting a specific date and time.

Text Statement

Only text is presented and the User does not provide a response.

Web Page

In-app browser will open a web page you specify and User can navigate page(s) within the browser. User does not provide a response.

Image View

User is presented with a picture and optional text. User does not provide a response.

Photo Entry

User responds by taking one or more photos, or uploading photos from their photo gallery.


Provide User with consent information and document their acknowledgement. Required for GDPR compliant LifePaks.

Advanced Sampling

Branching: Immediate Follow-Up Questions

Ask immediate follow-up questions based on a certain response. Branching is compatible with question types with defined answers, such as multiple choice and rating scales.

Triggering: Delayed Follow-Up Questions

Use participants’ responses to trigger a later notification and follow-up questions. There are two types of triggers. One type allows questions to be sent at a later point in time (e.g. 15 minutes later). The other activates a whole new schedule of questions (e.g. once per day for a week).

Yoking: Link Dyads

With yoking, two participants are linked together. Responses of one participant can trigger a survey session with follow-up questions to their partner.

Response Time Limit

This feature limits how much time a participant has to respond after a notification is delivered. It is useful for rigorous experience sampling schedules.

Data & Security

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

The LifeData platform and data storage protocols are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Participants looking to be HIPAA compliant should use the anonymous feature.

Offline Data Collection

Once the RealLife Exp app and study protocol is loaded onto participants’ phones, all data collection can be handled offline. When participants connect to wifi/data, their responses are automatically uploaded. Data and battery requirements for the app are minimal.

Real-time Data Dashboards

Create dashboards to visualize participant responses in real-time. Data can be viewed at a group or individual level. Multiple dashboards can be created for different interests and for individual participants.

Detailed Time Stamps

Detailed time stamps are provided along with response data in .csv files. These include time notification was received, time spent on each question, time to complete a set of questions, and many more. Timestamp data can also be recorded in milliseconds.

Data Download

Data can be downloaded into .csv files in the following formats: Long-format (each question has a row, multiple rows for each session,), Wide-format (each session has a row), Summary data, Photo Data (.zip file of .jpg images)

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