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Wasberg, Alexandra. Investigating Associations between Early Adolescents’ School Enjoyment, Perceived Social Support and Social Emotions in a Finnish High School. Read More

AM Heiland, JC Veilleux. Severity of Personality Dysfunction Predicts Affect and Self-Efficacy in Daily Life. Read More

Katie C. Lewis, Jeremy M. Ridenour, Seth Pitman & Michael Roche. Evaluating Stable and Situational Expressions of Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder: A Multimethod Experience Sampling Case Study. Read More

Martinez, Jennifer Honculada. The Effectiveness of a Mindfulness, Acceptance, Valued Action, and Flexible Coping Intervention for Race-Based Stress on Momentary Coping and Distress Symptoms. Read More

Jordyn M. Tipsword, University of Kentucky. Mental Contamination, Coping, and Pt Tion, Coping, and Ptsd Sympt Sd Symptom Severity Following Sexu Owing Sexual Trauma. Read More

Magnus Johansson, Leif E. Andersson. Using a Smartphone App to Assess and Support Transfer of Training of Leadership Skills-a Feasibility Study. Read More

Daniel Fatori, Adriana Argeu, Helena Brentani, Anna Chiesa, Lislaine Fracolli, Alicia Matijasevich, Euripedes C Miguel, Guilherme Polanczyk. Maternal Parenting Electronic Diary in the Context of a Home Visit Intervention for Adolescent Mothers in an Urban Deprived Area of São Paulo, Brazil: Randomized Controlled Trial. Read More

Mayke Janssens , Jannes Eshuis , Sanne Peeters , Johan Lataster , Jennifer, Reijnders , Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers & Nele Jacobs. The Pet-Effect in Daily Life: An Experience Sampling Study on Emotional Wellbeing in Pet Owners. Read More

Shelby L Langer, Neeta Ghosh, Michael Todd, Ashley K Randall, Joan M Romano, Jonathan B Bricker, Niall Bolger, John W Burns, Rachel C Hagan, Laura S Porter. Usability and Acceptability of a Smartphone App to Assess Partner Communication, Closeness, Mood, and Relationship Satisfaction: Mixed Methods Study. Read More

Robin van de Maat, Johan Lataster, Peter Verboon. Why and How to Deal With Diurnal Cyclic Patterns in Ambulatory Assessment of Emotions. Read More

Kho, Carmen. Socio-Emotional Development in the Context of Close Relationships: The Role of Culture. Read More

Jennifer C. Veilleux, Kayla D. Skinnera, Danielle E. Baker, Kaitlyn D. Chamberlain. Perceived momentary willpower fluctuates with affect and predicts subsequent distress intolerance. Read More

Rachel I. MacIntyre, Kristin E. Heron, Abby L. Braitman, Danielle Arigo. An Ecological Momentary Assessment of Self-improvement and Self-evaluation Body Comparisons: Associations with College Women’s Body Dissatisfaction and Exercise. Read More

Ilse Verveer, Danielle Remmerswaal, Joran Jongerling, Frederik M. van der Veen, Ingmar H. A. Franken. No effect of repetitive tDCS on daily smoking behavior in light smokers: A placebo controlled EMA study. Read More

Thomas Gretton, Lindsey Blom, Dorice Hankemeier, and Lawrence Judge. The Cognitive Component of Elite High Jumpers’ Pre-performance Routines. Read More

Katie C. Lewis. Loneliness, Burdensomeness, and the Emergence of Suicidal Ideation in Real Time: An EMA Research Case Study of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide. Read More

Sheri L. Johnson, Devon B. Sandel, Mackenzie Zisser, Jennifer G. Pearlstein, Benjamin A. Swerdlow, Amy H. Sanchez, Ephrem Fernandez, Charles S. Carver. A brief online intervention to address aggression in the context of emotion-related impulsivity for those treated for bipolar disorder: Feasibility, acceptability and pilot outcome data. Read More

Raina D Pang, Casey Guillot, Madalyn Liautaud, Mariel S Bello, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Jimi Huh, Adam M Leventhal. Subjective effects from the first cigarette of the day vary with pre-cigarette affect in premenopausal female daily smokers. Read More

Amy L.Stamatesac, CathyLau-Barracoab. Momentary Patterns of Impulsivity and Alcohol Use: A Cause or Consequence. Read More

Levin, M. E., Krafft, J., Seifert, S., & Lillis, J. (2020). Tracking Valued and Avoidant Functions With Health Behaviors: A Randomized Controlled Trial of The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Matrix Mobile App. Behavior Modification, 1.

Rabinowitz, A. R., & Fisher, A. J. (2020). Person-specific methods for characterizing the course and temporal dynamics of concussion symptomatology: a pilot study. Scientific reports10(1), 1-9.

Moeller, J., Brackett, M. A., Ivcevic, Z., & White, A. E. (2020). High school students’ feelings: Discoveries from a large national survey and an experience sampling study. Learning and Instruction66, 101301.

Weatherson, K., Yun, L., Wunderlich, K., Puterman, E., & Faulkner, G. (2019). Application of an Ecological Momentary Assessment Protocol in a Workplace Intervention: Assessing Compliance, Criterion Validity, and Reactivity. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 1(aop), 1-8.

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Remmerswaal, D., Jongerling, J., Jansen, P. J., Eielts, C., & Franken, I. H. (2019). Impaired subjective self-control in alcohol use: An ecological momentary assessment study. Drug and alcohol dependence204, 107479.

Aldrich, J. T., Lisitsa, E., Chun, S. K., & Mezulis, A. H. (2019). Examining the Relationship Between Daily Co-Rumination and Rumination in Response to Negative Events Among Adolescents Using Ecological Momentary Assessment. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology38(8), 704-719.

Krafft, J., Ong, C. W., Cruz, R. A., Twohig, M. P., & Levin, M. E. (2019). An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study Investigating the Function of Hoarding. Behavior Therapy.

Hart, T., Rabinowitz, A., Vaccaro, M., Chervoneva, I., & Wilson, J. (2019). Behavioral Activation Augmented With Mobile Technology for Depression and Anxiety in Chronic Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation1(3-4), 100027.

Veilleux, J. C., & Skinner, K. D. (2019). Differences in Distress Intolerance Among Daily and Intermittent Smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Simons, M., Lataster, J., Peeters, S., Reijnders, J., Janssens, M., & Jacobs, N. (2019). Sense of Abundance is Associated with Momentary Positive and Negative Affect: An Experience Sampling Study of Trait Gratitude in Daily Life. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-8.

Simons, M., Lataster, J., Peeters, S., Reijnders, J., Janssens, M., & Jacobs, N. (2019). Sense of Abundance is Associated with Momentary Positive and Negative Affect: An Experience Sampling Study of Trait Gratitude in Daily Life. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-8.​

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Bell, I. H., & Alvarez-Jimenez, M. Digital Technology to Enhance Clinical Care of Early Psychosis. Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry, 1-15.

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Pang, R. D., Guillot, C. R., Liautaud, M. M., Bello, M. S., Kirkpatrick, M. G., Huh, J., & Leventhal, A. M. (2019). Subjective effects from the first cigarette of the day vary with precigarette affect in premenopausal female daily smokers. Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology., 18(1), 1113.

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Griffiths, S., & Stefanovski, A. (2019). Thinspiration and fitspiration in everyday life: An experience sampling study. Body image, 30, 135-144.

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Grégoire, C., Faymonville, M. E., Vanhaudenhuyse, A., Charland-Verville, V., Jerusalem, G., & Bragard, I. (2018). Randomized controlled trial of an 8-week intervention combining self-care and hypnosis for post-treatment cancer patients: study protocol. BMC cancer, 18(1), 1113.

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Tasian, G. E., Ross, M., Song, L., Audrain-McGovern, J., Wiebe, D., Warner, S. G., … & Furth, S. L. (2018). Ecological Momentary Assessment of Factors Associated with Water Intake Among Adolescents with Kidney Stone Disease. The Journal of urology.

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Langer, S. L., Romano, J. M., Todd, M., Strauman, T. J., Keefe, F. J., Syrjala, K. L., … & Puleo, B. K. (2018). Links Between Communication and Relationship Satisfaction Among Patients With Cancer and Their Spouses: Results of a Fourteen-Day Smartphone-Based Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. Frontiers in psychology, 9.

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Moeller, J., Ivcevic, Z., Brackett, M. A., & White, A. E. (2018). Mixed Emotions: Network Analyses of Intra-Individual Co-Occurrences Within and Across Situations.​

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Aalbers, G., McNally, R. J., Heeren, A., de Wit, S., & Fried, E. I. (2018). Social media and depression symptoms: A network perspective. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.​

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Bell, I. H., Fielding-Smith, S. F., Hayward, M., Rossell, S. L., Lim, M. H., Farhall, J., & Thomas, N. (2018). Smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment and intervention in a blended coping-focused therapy for distressing voices: Development and case illustration. Internet interventions, 14, 18-25.​

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Levin, M. E., Haeger, J., An, W., & Twohig, M. P. (2018). Comparing cognitive defusion and cognitive restructuring delivered through a mobile app for individuals high in self-criticism. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 42(6), 844-855.

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Borah, T. J., Murray, A. L., Eisner, M., & Jugl, I. (2018). Developing and validating an experience sampling measure of aggression: the Aggression-ES Scale. Journal of interpersonal violence, 0886260518812068.

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Veilleux, J. C., Hill, M. A., Skinner, K. D., Pollert, G. A., Baker, D. E., & Spero, K. D. (2018). The dynamics of persisting through distress: Development of a Momentary Distress Intolerance Scale using ecological momentary assessment. Psychological assessment, 30(11), 1468.​

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Jans-Beken, L., Jacobs, N., Janssens, M., Peeters, S., Reijnders, J., Lechner, L., & Lataster, J. (2018). Reciprocal relationships between State gratitude and high-and low-arousal positive affects in daily life: A time-lagged ecological assessment study. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 1-16.​

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Bernstein, E. E., Curtiss, J. E., Wu, G. W., Barreira, P. J., & McNally, R. J. (2018). Exercise and emotion dynamics: An experience sampling study. Emotion.​


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Kumar, D., Tully, L. M., Iosif, A. M., Zakskorn, L. N., Nye, K. E., Zia, A., & Niendam, T. A. (2018). A Mobile Health Platform for Clinical Monitoring in Early Psychosis: Implementation in Community-Based Outpatient Early Psychosis Care. JMIR mental health, 5(1).

Runyan, J. D., Fry, B. N., Steenbergh, T. A., Arbuckle, N. L., Dunbar, K., & Devers, E. E. (2018). Using experience sampling to examine links between compassion, eudaimonia, and pro‐social behavior. Journal of personality.​

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Daugherty, D. A., Runyan, J. D., Steenbergh, T. A., Fratzke, B. J., Fry, B. N., & Westra, E. (2018). Smartphone delivery of a hope intervention: Another way to flourish. PloS one, 13(6), e0197930.​

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Fry, B. N., & Runyan, J. D. (2018). Teaching empathic concern and altruism in the smartphone age. Journal of Moral Education, 47(1), 1-16.​

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Krafft, J., Potts, S., Schoendorff, B., & Levin, M. E. (2017). A Randomized Controlled Trial of Multiple Versions of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Matrix App for Well-Being. Behavior modification, 0145445517748561.​

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Engelen, L., Chau, J. Y., Burks-Young, S., & Bauman, A. (2017). Application of ecological momentary assessment in workplace health evaluation. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 27(3), 259-263.​

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Wiebe, D. J., Nance, M. L., Houseknecht, E., Grady, M. F., Otto, N., Sandsmark, D. K., & Master, C. L. (2016). Ecologic momentary assessment to accomplish real-time capture of symptom progression and the physical and cognitive activities of patients daily following concussion. JAMA pediatrics, 170(11), 1108-1110.​

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