An Ecological Momentary Assessment App

Made by Researchers for Research

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Flexible scheduling & question delivery options
Variety of question types
Pilot on mobile app in minutes


Mobile app for iOS & Android
Deliver questions in real time
Scheduled and/or random notifications
Event contingent sampling
GPS Coordinates


Monitor data in real time
Use Dashboard to visualize data
Download to .csv in variety of formats for analysis in preferred statistical program

A Highly Flexible Measurement Platform

Native App
Use an iOS/Android app instead of texting.

Notification & User-Initiated Questions
Flexible notification scheduling for in-the-moment experience sampling.  User-initiated responding is also available.

Gather Data On- or Offline
Notifications and data gathering does not require internet connection. Data automatically uploads when wifi or data connection resumes.

Gather GPS coordinates with each user response.

Monitor Response Rates
Mobile users and researchers can monitor participant response rates.

In-App Consent Forms
Document GDPR acknowledgment and informed consent.

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