Recent Literature June 2016

We’ve scoured the internet for the most recent experience sampling/ecological momentary assessment academic journal articles for you and summarized our top picks. Hope you enjoy!

Momentary Affective States Are Associated with Momentary Volume, Prospective Trends, and Fluctuation of Daily Physical Activity.

This study examined what predicts physical activity in daily life. Participants wore an accelerometer for 24 hours and answered questions about their affect every 45 mins throughout the day. By the end of the study and analyses, the researchers found that “energetic arousal” was the only predictor for physical movement throughout the day. However, positive affective valence (good mood over time) predicted activity in the short term. As a result, the study suggested that interventions trying to get people to get people active might include mood boosting in the regimen.

The within-person association between alcohol use and sleep duration and quality in situ: An experience sampling study.

Although some people drink alcohol before bed to make them sleep better, many studies show that alcohol actually makes people sleep worse. This study aimed to empirically demonstrate that this misunderstanding is unfounded. Alcohol use and sleep quality was monitored for 60 days in 150 participants. The findings indicated that people, indeed, had lower sleep quality when they drank alcohol, did not fall asleep more quickly, and their sleep quality did not change. Check out the lab’s site here.

Power and the pursuit of a partner’s goals

Power dynamics in relationships and the value of pursued goals was the focus of this study. Multiple methods were used to collect data including lab experiments and experience sampling.  Participants received six daily alerts on their mobile devices for seven days. A web application allowed the participants access to an online questionnaire about the goals they were pursuing in that moment and how their partner would rate the value of that goal.  Results revealed that participants with low power in their relationship prioritized partner goals and adopted their partner’s goals as their own goals (partner goal contagion).


Affect and Subsequent Physical Activity: An Ambulatory Assessment Study Examining the Affect-Activity Association in a Real-Life Context.

Cannabis and Alcohol Use, Affect, and Impulsivity in Psychiatric Outpatients’ Daily Lives.

Comparing Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Social Values Between Younger and Older Employees.

Concordance of Text Message Ecological Momentary Assessment and Retrospective Survey Data Among Substance-Using Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Conjoint Influence of Mind-Wandering and Sleepiness on Task Performance.

Daily Social Interactions, Close Relationships, and Systemic Inflammation in Two Samples: Healthy Middle-Aged and Older Adults.

Directionality of Person-Situation Transactions: Are There Spillovers Among and Between Situation Experiences And Personality States?

Ecologic Momentary Assessment: Perspectives on Applications and Opportunities in Research and Practice Regarding Nutrition Behaviors.

Ecological momentary assessment and beyond: The rising interest in e-mental health research.

Feasibility and Performance Test of a Real-Time Sensor-Informed Context-Sensitive Ecological Momentary Assessment to Capture Physical Activity.

Happy now, tired later? Extraverted and Conscientious behavior are related to immediate mood gains, but to later fatigue.

Isolating biomarkers for symptomatic states: considering symptom-substrate chronometry.

Joint Effects: A Pilot Investigation of the Impact of Bipolar Disorder and Marijuana Use on Cognitive Function and Mood.

Measuring fluctuations in paranoia: Validity and psychometric properties of brief state versions of the Paranoia Checklist.

Sampling Participants’ Experience in Laboratory Experiments: Complementary Challenges for More Complete Data Collection.

Substance use to regulate intense posttraumatic shame in individuals with childhood abuse and neglect.

Survalytics: An Open-Source Cloud-Integrated Experience Sampling, Survey, and Analytics and Metadata Collection Module for Android Operating System Apps.

The association between ruminative thinking and negative interpretation bias in social anxiety.

The grass is not as green as you think: Affect evaluation in people with internalizing disorders.

The interplay between sleep behavior and affect in elementary school children’s daily life.

What’s in a day? A guide to decomposing the variance in intensive longitudinal data


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