Recent Literature – July 2016

Here’s a recent literature roundup from PubMed, PsychNet, and Google Scholar for your enjoyment.

“Daily Interpersonal Experience Partially Explains the Association Between Social Rank and Physical Health.”

This study examined the relationship between one’s perception of their socioeconomic status and one’s perceived health, and how this relationship is influenced by positive and negative interpersonal relationships. Ecological momentary assessment was used so that these relationships and interactions could be examined within the context of real life. The study found that one’s perceived social rank was related to their perceived health, and that positive interpersonal interactions positively influenced this relationship.

“Daily associations between emotional functioning and alcohol involvement: Moderating effects of response inhibition and gender.”

Mood variation is known to influence alcohol use and abuse. And, further, response inhibition plays a role in this relationship. This study used ecological momentary assessment to track pre-drinking mood, how it influenced drinking behavior, and how response inhibition influenced this relationship. The study did this by giving the college student participants a stop-signal task to test response inhibition before giving the students a PDA where they recorded their mood and drinking behavior for 21 days. After the study, the data showed that instability in pre-drinking mood and positive mood predicted drinking behavior, except in females with high pre-test response inhibition. However, negative mood was associated with drinking in women with low response inhibition. Acute alcohol use was associated with negative pre-drinking mood and low response inhibition in both genders.

“A Systematic Review of Methods and Procedures Used in Ecological Momentary Assessments of Diet and Physical Activity Research in Youth: An Adapted STROBE Checklist for Reporting EMA Studies (CREMAS).”

Recent advances in mobile technologies allow for more research on youth diet and physical activity. Thirteen studies of youth nutrition and physical activity were examined for EMA competency. Five areas were assessed including (1) sampling and measures, (2) schedule, (3) technology and administration, (4) prompting strategy, and (5) response and compliance. Results from this study review revealed a need for more consistent EMA reporting. Standardized EMA studies on youth will be more effective if they can identify best practices for EMA methodology.

Other Articles

High Resolution Examination of the Role of Sleep Disturbance in Predicting Functioning and Psychotic Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A Novel Experience Sampling Study.

Playing Up and Playing Down Cultural Identity: Introducing Cultural Influence and Cultural Variability.

Development and Evaluation of a Smartphone-Based Measure of Social Rhythms for Bipolar Disorder.

Variation in population levels of sedentary time in European children and adolescents according to cross-European studies: a systematic literature review within DEDIPAC.

Changing Mental Health and Positive Psychological Well-Being Using Ecological Momentary Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research

Affect and Condom Use Among Men Who have Sex with Men: A Daily Diary Study.

Does substance use moderate the association of neighborhood disadvantage with perceived stress and safety in the activity spaces of urban youth?.

Physical activity buffers fatigue only under low chronic stress.

Concurrent and lagged relations between momentary affect and sedentary behavior in middle-aged women.

Modeling Heterogeneity in Momentary Interpersonal and Affective Dynamic Processes in Borderline Personality Disorder.

Personality psychopathology differentiates risky behaviors among women with bulimia nervosa.

Development of an Ecological Momentary Assessment Mobile App for a Low-Literacy, Mexican American Population to Collect Disordered Eating Behaviors.

Feasibility and acceptability of a mobile app in an ecological momentary assessment of early breastfeeding.

Psychological processes underlying the association between childhood trauma and psychosis in daily life: an experience sampling study.

Positive Emotion, Appraisal, and the Role of Appraisal Overlap in Positive Emotion Co-Occurrence.

Effort in Emotion Work and Well-Being: The Role of Goal Attainment.

The Interaction between Childhood Bullying and the FKBP5 Gene on Psychotic-Like Experiences and Stress Reactivity in Real Life.

Mediators of the relationship between thin-ideal internalization and body dissatisfaction in the natural environment.

The Rested Relationship: Sleep Benefits Marital Evaluations.

The stress-reducing effect of music listening varies depending on the social context.

Self-Paced Exercise, Affective Response, and Exercise Adherence: A Preliminary Investigation UsingEcological Momentary Assessment.


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