Experience Sampling Research Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Ever want to know if there are any people who post about experience sampling on Twitter? Here is a list of a few!

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Society for Ambulatory Assessment


The official site of the Society for Ambulatory Assessment.


Tamlin Conner


Co-Author of the Handbook of Research Methods for Studying Daily Life..


Genevieve Dunton


Uses ecological momentary assessment for health behavior research.


Julia Mueller


Actively tweets about experience sampling, emotion, and education.




“Researcher in Psychiatry, Striving to connect Academia and Clinical Practice, Neuroscience and Daily Life Measures,…”


Fabiola Müller


“PhD student in Health Psychology at University of Groningen/UMCG. Interested in dyadic coping, psycho-oncology, EMA, diay-studies, Cancer-Related Fatigue”

Tweets about psychological interventions and cancer


Dan Powell


“Research Fellow in Health Psychology@AHPG_UoA. Research interests: Real-time methods, health behaviours, stress, fatigue, MS.”




Recent experience sampling journal articles, blogs, and more!


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